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Three Surprising Reasons CSR Has Become So Important in the Workplace

November 16, 2017 | News
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) continues to gain popularity at companies large and small. Find out how giving back can positively impact your office environment, employee morale, and consumers’ perception of your organization and brand.

CASE STUDY: How a Satellite Employee “Garnered the Reputation” as Her Team’s Pro Event Planner

November 6, 2017 | News | Case Studies
Who says you need to be a professional event planner to wow your colleagues with a memorable team building experience? Find out how an employee from Satellite Healthcare has “garnered the reputation as the one who can put together awesome events,” by partnering with our team.

The Six Biggest Team Building Mistakes You Can Make

October 24, 2017 | News
Whether you’ve planned dozens of events and activities, or none at all, these are the biggest team building mistakes you could be making.

How Team Building Helped Microsoft Employees Donate a Truckload of Food

October 23, 2017 | News
Find out how the charity team building activity, End-Hunger Games, helped a group of Microsoft employees donate a truckload full of non-perishable items to a local food bank.

This Unusual Hiring Tactic Will Make You Rethink How You Interview

October 17, 2017 | News
Looking for the secret to hiring a great team? Find out why companies like EY and Roche are using team building activities to help them interview new hires and put together more successful, cohesive teams.

CASE STUDY: Finding a Last-Minute Activity Over a Holiday

October 5, 2017 | Case Studies
Planning a team building event can be stressful – especially if you need to find a last-minute solution for the day after a holiday. Find out how an employee from T-Mobile planned a fun, successful activity for her colleagues in less than three days with help from our team.

Is Self-Hosted Team Building Right for You?

October 2, 2017 | News
There are a lot of advantages to self-hosted team building – it’s more affordable, flexible, and personal. But how do you know if it’s right for your group?

Your Workplace Might Have a Collaboration Crisis

September 25, 2017 | News
Everyone likes to think their team doesn’t have a problem with workplace collaboration. But new research shows a crisis of teamwork in the office…

Create Your CSR Events Calendar in Six Easy Steps

September 19, 2017 | News
Creating a corporate social responsibility (CSR) events calendar is easier than you think. Find out how your team can start giving back throughout the year with these six easy steps.

Five Things Team Building Can’t Fix

September 13, 2017 | News
Team building alone can’t fix the issues your organization is facing – but find out how a combination of team building, training, and consulting can be the answer.