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Are you looking for an economical solution to boost employee morale and team productivity? Or maybe you don't have enough time to plan an event yourself and you're looking for fresh ideas for a fun team building activity from a company you can trust. If so, then you've come to the right place! Take a look at our selection of team building activities and event styles, choose one of interest, or browse through them all.

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  • See a complete list of our teambuilding programs, employee engagement events and corporate group activities.

  • Innovative Team Building Events
  • Team Building on a Budget

  • Engaging and exciting team building events and fun office activities that boost morale without breaking the bank.

  • Technology Team Building Events
  • Technology

  • New technology is changing the way teams communicate; use mobile devices to get people re-connected.

  • Active Race Style Events
  • Active / Race Style

  • Based from popular TV shows these fast paced events are great for high energy, enthusiastic and outgoing groups.

  • Cerebral and Cognitive Events
  • Cognitive / Cerebral

  • These smart team building events allow groups to use creative thought and problem solving skills to succeed.

  • Philanthropic Team Building
  • Philanthropic

  • Take your team building experience to the next level and add a community give-back element to your next event.

  • Culinary Team Building Events
  • Culinary Events

  • Tempt your group with this delicious opportunity to bring tasty culinary team building to your office activity.

  • Networking and Recruitment Events
  • Networking & Recruitment

  • Networking events are designed to be interactive, to get your group moving and feeling connected quickly.

  • Corporate Entertainment Events
  • Entertainment

  • Fun entertainment ideas for your staff and other VIPs are an effective way to celebrate and bring your team together.

  • Outdoor Team Building
  • Outdoor

  • Explore the city and experience the sights around you with a fun and engaging outdoor team building activity.

  • Indoor Team Building
  • Indoor

  • Our indoor event solutions take weather out of the mix and bring the team building to you.

  • Custom Events and Activities
  • Custom Events

  • Let your imagination be the guide! Create a custom program to really WOW your team and make your event shine.

What's next?

Tell us all about your event requirements and ask us questions. An Event Solutions Expert will also have questions for you about your event specifics, group dynamics, objectives and budget, so let's chat!

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    Top 10 Team Building Activities and Corporate Event Themes

    Investments in staff morale are of increasing importance in today's changing workplace. Regardless of if your company has recently reduced its workforce or not, the morale of your existing team will play a significant role in your company's productivity levels and profitability moving forward into the new economy.

    Unique Corporate Team Building Activities
  1. The Amazing Chase
  2. CI: The Crime Investigators
  3. Cake Creators
  4. The Apprentice
  5. Corporate Castaways
  6. Wild Goose Chase
  7. Minute To Win It
  8. Boat Building Challenge
  9. Team Pursuit
  10. Unique Custom Events and Adventures

  11. Corporate team building events, training and education programs, and corporate group activities are our specialty. Groups as small as 25 and as large as 2000 or more are handled with ease. Our events are available 365 days a year in a myriad of spectacular locations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and around the world. With Operations Centres established globally, we can go anywhere your group is meeting.

    Do you need a great cost effective replacement for a more expensive incentive trip you had planned on doing this year, but now can't due to economic realities? Have you had to cancel an off-site meeting or drastically reduce travel costs, and now need a local event? Did you have to layoff some employees and need a morale booster for your remaining team? If you do, we are a great solution because we specialize in designing custom event innovative team building activities anywhere you need that are a great match for your group, your needs, and your budget.

    If you are working on a tight timeline we're up to the challenge. We understand the trend to shorter lead times, and have put the resources in place to execute all of our activity solutions on short notice. Contact us to discuss your situation. We'll make it happen.

Why do Corporate Event Planners like YOU choose US?

1. We are able to immediately produce a professional group activity proposal that meets your needs. We realize that you often require details now, not a week from now. You have a meeting with your boss this afternoon, and want to look good with a professional proposal with an innovative team building concept in hand ready for your boss to consider.

Team Building Activities

2. We have a large menu of innovative team building activities to choose from. Depending on your goals, group size, interests, meeting location, physicality desired, and budget, we will propose an event to you that will meet your needs and capture the interest of your participants.

3. Our customers trust us with their investment. Our extensive customer feedback from recent events we've implemented for corporations, including some of the biggest and most successful organizations in the world, is a testament to our professionalism and positively outrageous service.

    We have the best variety of team building activities

    Corporate team building activities and employee morale events nourish the growth of a team. They help employees reconnect with each other and understand each other better. These team building activities also bring different teams together. When people belonging to different groups work together, stereotypes and misconceptions are destroyed. This improves communication and enables the company to achieve their goals more easily.

    Team Building Events

    Corporate team building activities focus on a number of skills like:

  • Fostering strong working relationships
  • Cooperation and leadership
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Creative problem solving
  • Risk taking
  • Communication
  • Developing physical skills
  • Developing emotional rapport

What makes corporate team building events such a grand success is the fact that these deliver even on the individual level. Since most team building activities focus on physical and mental challenges that must be overcome successfully, team members get a chance to improve their personalities.

Employees are trained, on an individual basis, to become better problem solvers, communicators and team players. Corporate team building activities also help develop a certain way of thought by fostering positive thinking and self esteem in them. In this way, these events motivate individual employees to become better and thus contribute more to the attainment of the goals of the company.

Choose us if you are looking for fresh ideas for a fun team building games or specific facilitated employee training activities to boost your team's sales training or management skills. All of our group programs can also be incorporated into a weekend long conference, reinforcing chosen themes. Don't have enough time to plan the activity yourself? You've come to the right place!

Have a look at our selection of adventurous team building services and employee training programs. Choose one of interest, or browse through them all. All of our events are scalable and available 365 days a year, anywhere in North America. Regardless of your goals, budget, group size, time frame or location, we'll have an outstanding team building activity event solution for you and your team.

Why use American Outback's activity-based team building events?

In these uncertain and difficult economic times, American Outback's innovative menu of morale boosting team building activities represents a cost effective alternative to more expensive staff reward options which may not be prudent in today’s economy. There is no need to travel offsite. If required, our team will meet you at your place of business or local meeting venue with a solution to your staff morale and retention issues – further saving costs.

Fun Corporate Teambuilding events

American Outback Adventures & Events works with corporate groups like yours located throughout North America and abroad, running corporate team building activities and group events your team will really enjoy. Our team building sessions and morale events utilize concepts many of your staff will already be familiar with such as The Apprentice, CI: The Crime Investigators, The Amazing Chase, and more. The result is better "buy-in" from your employees (who have no doubt "seen it all" when it comes to these events), a more valuable experience, and best of all, improved morale, increased camaraderie and enhanced productivity.

With Operations Centres fully operational throughout North America, our team building activities are available anywhere your group is getting together. Our most popular locations include Seattle, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, Anaheim, Phoenix, Austin, Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Washington DC, New York and New Jersey. We are also able to take our events on the road to cities and resorts in Canada, the UK, Europe and around the globe.

Recent Customer Feedback

We thrive on helping our partners achieve their goals through our unique and innovative suite of corporate team building events and group activities. Feedback like this is what we strive for every time!

From day one when I engaged your company with this event, your staff showed a high level of professionalism and service. I have been receiving nothing but praise from my team about the event your staff had put together for us. Thank-you once again, and we look forward to another team building event with your company!

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What's next?

Give us a call or email one of our Event Solutions Experts who will work with you to find solutions based on your event specifics, group dynamics, objectives and budget.

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Recent Feedback

Your activity was one of the highlights of our week and mentioned most by the group as their all-time favourite event.
The Coca-Cola Company

The experience of the staff and the fact that the event was ‘managed’ throughout gave us a very designer-quality experience.
Paul Capital Partners

You are all ... excellent... professional... fun... creative... ingenious... quick... attentive... energetic... skilled!
LA Inc.

Your team was always professional. Thank you for providing our management team with a memorable team building event!
Frito Lay

We are thrilled with the results of the 'Amazing MSN Chase'. Your team pulled it off! What a fun way to get out of the hotel.

Very professional group, really creative with the crime scenes. Very organized, personable and great activity.

The team handled all our requests quickly and efficiently and the event provided all of the fun we were promised.
Coca-Cola Refreshments

Staff are still discussing the event. It was the best we have had in a while! You brought a lot of laughter to the group.
American Express

Thank you for such a fun, well organized event. We really appreciated the professionalism and the organization of your team.
Deloitte Inc.

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