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Recent Feedback

You put together an organized, well-structured, and energetic activity that had everyone working their hardest to outwit the other teams.

Your staff was great and very professional and really understood our needs and individual personalities.

The activities were perfect for this group, the timing worked well, and the staff was professional and well organized.
Walt Disney Co.

The program was done very professionally and worked out really well. Thank you to your team for making it a success for us.

I think your events are a terrific team building idea and the right kinds of groups would really benefit from them.
Travel Concepts

It was a great way to start the morning. Definitely a favourite of any group activity I have been involved in.

'WE HAD A GREAT TIME' is all we're hearing around the office. THANK YOU for a great day out of the office!

It was very nice to plan a team building event with little preparation on my end. You took care of all the details!

Your team was extremely flexible. And the event definitely left some long lasting smiles on everyone’s face.
American Express

We all had a great time at our event! Your staff was friendly and helpful. The event was well planned all around.

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Minute To Win It

Based on the popular TV game show, teams work together in a race to beat the clock, facing off against the competition in simple challenges with just a Minute To Win It!

  • Minute to Win it
  • Minute to Win it
  • Minute to Win it

60 seconds... and your time starts now!

American Outback's Minute To Win It features teams of 8-10 participants using their brains and brawn in head-to-head competition of seemingly simple 60 second challenges. Teams must work together to decide the best strategy for acquiring the highest score in the allotted time frame and assign responsibilities based on personal proficiencies and existing skills.

Some challenges may feature one, two or all team members. Some challenges look easy but can prove to be more challenging than anticipated! True team work, strong communication and strategy all come into play as you tackle these fast-paced tests of skill. At the end of the event the scores will be tallied and the top team(s) will be rewarded during the recognition ceremony.

Event Overview & Features

The key themes this event focuses on are resource management, communication and team interaction all during a fun and fast-paced morale building experience. Minute To Win It will test your ability to think on your feet and find creative ways to beat the clock and the competition. We come to you and modify the program to your venue or location requirements. This program requires low to moderate amounts of physical activity, exuberantly cheering on your team however, is mandatory.

Quick Facts to Know

  • Activity Level: Low-Moderate

  • Event Duration: 2-3 Hours

  • Group Size: 25-2000+

  • Best Venue: Any indoor meeting space

  • Seasonal: Anytime is game time.

  • About Your Group

    Your team is quick to react and always on the ball. Minute To Win It is a fun team event that will challenge your focus to successfully accomplish simple tasks in a short amount of time. You enjoy healthy competition, (who are you kidding, you want to crush the other teams) but overall the atmosphere remains friendly, inclusive and supportive. Ideally you can mix departments and personalities to help spark creativity and encourage out of the box ideas. Event results will include improved communication, increase morale and excess laughter at the water cooler.

    Image Gallery and Multimedia

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    Listen to our event update by Emma who ran a Minute To Win It event in Austin, Texas for a group of employees from a hotel and resort company.

    Listen to our event update by James who ran a Minute To Win It event in Orange County, California for a group of employees from a medical device company.

    Listen to our event update by Shannon who ran a Minute To Win It event in Little Rock, Arkansas for a group of employees from a delivery service company.

    Listen to our event update by Emma who ran a Minute To Win It event in Chicago, Illinois for a group of employees from a pharmaceutical company.

    Recent Feedback

    "The event planning and execution was seamless. We had to make last minute changes and the team from American Outback was very flexible, accommodating and professional the entire time. I felt very confident that they understood our needs/purpose and our timeline. One less thing for me to think about. EVERYONE had wonderful time. Our VP was very pleased. Made my job so easy and I looked like the "superstar"! Thank you!"

    - Becton Dickinson

    "We were very impressed with the organization, professionalism, and energy of the staff members who facilitated our event. Minute-To-Win-It was an excellent choice for our group and was a perfect mix of low-impact, yet engaging activities that kept the afternoon exciting."

    - Time Warner Cable

    "Our entire team had an amazing time. Minute To Win It encouraged team building and support from everyone on the team. It was one of the best morale building events we've done in a long time. We were still smiling the next day!"

    - Butler University

    "Our team really enjoyed the Minute To Win It event. It was a great team building event; fun for our individuals to get to know each other better and spend a couple of hours laughing together. The facilitator was energetic and kept the game moving along at a good pace. I would happily recommend the Minute To Win It event to my colleagues."

    - EY

    Listen to an employee from a chemical and ingredient distribution and supply company describe their experience with Minute To Win It team building activity.

    Listen to an employee from a global private equity and infrastructure managing company describe their experience with Minute To Win It team building activity.

    Listen to an employee from a manufacturing company describe their experience with Minute To Win It team building activity.

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    Your Investment Includes

    • Full-service Minute To Win It Event Package
    • Complete pre-event communication for operations and logistics
    • Event-day coordination including liaising with venue
    • On-site professional Event Leader and friendly Event Hosts
    • All event materials and game supplies
    • Post-event re-cap and team achievement and award recognition
    • Delivery, set up, management and break down of event
    • Create a customized event to meet your needs. Contact us for details.

    Event Investment Levels

    Pricing for our standard, full service events like this one varies depending on several factors. The main ones being your group size, your preferred event location and your chosen event date. The investment does not include any venue or location rental fees. For very small groups we have minimum investment levels of $3,500-$4,500+ depending on location and event specifics. For large groups of 100+ we are very good at providing you with a great event solution within your budget. Please contact us for a custom quote for your group.

    Get In Touch!

    If you would like to find out more, call us at 1-800-713-7238 or email us at info@americanoutback.net. Our Event Solutions Experts are happy to discuss your specific needs and assist you in choosing the best activity for your upcoming event.

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