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We started out as a small adventure company and quickly grew into America’s leading team building event and group activity provider. We now operate throughout North America and beyond. Here's our story...

Back in 1992, two brothers James and Steve Corbett started an outdoor adventure company that sold paddling and hiking expeditions in the remote regions of British Columbia. As the business grew, so did the type of activities that the company offered, as they began running ski and white water rafting trips to individuals, social and large corporate groups.

Then one day in 2000, one of our long-time customers at McDonalds , asked about the possibility of creating a team event based on the popular television show “Survivor”. Never shy of a challenge, the team worked day and night to build a Survivor event, which ended up being a huge success. It was our very first team building event and is still one of our most popular today.

Our team building events have continued to grow and evolve over the years. We now offer a wide range of activities to help people at companies big and small achieve their goals and address a broad range of business challenges. Many of our team building activities are still based on popular TV shows and themes such as culinary, philanthropic, cognitive and race style. We’ve developed our range of activities to fit any group size, dynamic, ability and location.

More recently, we introduced a range of employee training and development solutions, creating a partnership with Corporate Explorer Training. These popular activities are extremely unique and are delivered in a fun, effective, and memorable way by our experienced facilitators. They include areas such as leadership, management, sales, communication, performance and presentation.

We love what we do and want to take the stress out of running these activities for our customers, so that they can sit back and relax, knowing that they are in safe hands. Our customers feel our enthusiasm and have consistently remarked at the positivity and passion of our team. We’re really proud of the feedback and testimonials we continue to receive on a regular basis.  

Our mission is to be the ultimate resource for trusted, flexible and fast employee team building solutions. We want to make work less like work for as many people as possible because we know how important it is for everyone to love what they do – including our own employees, suppliers and the many charitable organizations we support through our ongoing  Outback Cares Program.

We have a strong team of experts located throughout North America who pride themselves on always putting our customers first and paying great attention to detail. We foster a culture of continuous improvement, accountability and open and honest feedback at all times. These are the core values that help us and our customers achieve goals and exceed expectations.  

"I regard our employees as our most valuable asset. Their energy is infectious. In terms of culture we ‘walk the talk’ and work very hard to provide a stimulating and rewarding environment in which to work, and try to ensure our colleagues understand how much we value them as people and as employees." ~ Jamie Corbett, CEO.